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Seeking a New Co-editor for

Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Most sadly, our long time monitor and co-editor, our own Wild-Wild-West Gunslinger and policy maker in general

— who calls herself simply eatstuf

is hanging up her ePistols and retiring from her duties at — effective immediately after selecting the Finalists for this Summer’s contest.

!So let us make Lemonaide! Turn this into an opportunity for some sweet new voices on the site.

We are seeking a new co-editor to read submissions and co-select the Finalists for our two annual fiction contests on . As we seek balance in the two voices making aesthetic decisions on our editing staff, we hope to maintain a diverse gender dynamic. Since owner, remaining co-editor Paul-Newell Reaves self-identifies as a Male voice, we are only seeking Female or Trans-Gender voices for this position.  Fiction does not happen in an Identity vacuum. Sorry guys.

This will henceforth be a paid position. See below.


Reading, as soon as received, all qualifying submissions to both annual fiction contests on : the !Short Story Contest! reads from April- June, and FLASH SUITE Contest from June- October.

Along with co-editor Paul-Newell Reaves, coming to an agreement on the selection of three to eight Finalists for each of the two annual contests. This must be reached within two weeks of close of each reading period.

Workload does vary from reading period to reading period, and also fluctuates year to year. For this reason, compensation will be based on number of qualifying submissions per reading period. Contact us for prior submission statistics and our budget for site staff. Selected co-editor will also receive a small bonus for each contest at the time that Finalists are agreed upon.

No long term commitment necessary. may choose to ask selected co-editor to return. Selected co-editor may choose to leave after any contest, only after all duties are fulfilled.

We are a small– though still quite popular— operation: we require no reading fees, ask for no donations, refuse to run ads, and are not approved as Non-Profit. Basically, what I’m saying, this position won’t pay your rent; but, maybe, a decent dinner for two?– if you don’t drink too much?– twice a year?– (since we host two contests every year).

If interested, please send resume or CV– along with any and all questions, comments, complaints or anecdotes– to:
— that’s,
PNRenterpriZes [at] gmail [dot] com

Most importantly, carefully prepare a few links to or files of your favorite writings– published or not, either written by your favorite authors or by yourself.

And please do surf our site some–
especially our very specific guidelines for each contest (see burgundy links above),
and, perhaps, these finalists from 2016 and 2013.
Also, check this recent post for our traffic numbers the last week of May, 2019.

Go home
includes some longer-term traffic statistic averages

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Submission now closed for 2018 !Short Story Contest!

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

July is upon us,

meaning two things:

ravaging heat across the Northern Hemisphere, but more excitingly,

the 2018 !Short Story Contest! 


Submission has closed, and our team is now reviewing all the wonderful potential finalists.  We will announce these finalists early next week.


But remember, there is no judgement in defenestrationism reality.  No story can fail, it can only be made more finished.


So slather on the sunscreen, lovers of literature, don’t forget to breath, and keep surfing through for the

2018 !Short Story Contest!

only on



Guidelines for the !Short Story Contest!

!What’s New!

home/ bonafides

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Contest Submission Now Open

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018


Welcome, or welcome back,



We are pleased to announce our

6th annual fiction contests

only on


Submission is now open for both our

!Short Story Contest!

and our



The !Short Story Contest! is not a subtle contest.

Submission is open until the end of June, 2018.

Finalists will post in August, and

winners announced Labor Day, which is September 3rd.


The FLASH SUITE Contest combines 3 or more flash works into a suite.

Submission is open until November 1st, 2018.

Finalists will post in late December, and

winners announced MLK day, which is January 21st.


Read our guidelines, !Submit Now!

and keep surfing through




!What’s New!


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2018 FLASH SUITE Contest Begins

Sunday, December 17th, 2017


or welcome back,

to .


Our 2018 FLASH SUITE Contest begins



So prepare yourself for glory.



Go to the 2018 Contest

More Exciting Content

!What’s New!


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2018 FLASH SUITE Contest update

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Well, submission for the 2018 FLASH SUITE Contest closed last week, and we are sorting through the submissions now.

Finalists will be announced in three weeks, and daily posting will begin in mid-December.  Fan Voting will begin January 3rd, and will last two weeks.

It looks like a tight contest, so be sure to keep surfing through

! !



more exciting content, such as the Zoo-Illogical Gardens , Complex Fairy Tales and Voices of the Disenfranchised


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2018 FLASH SUITE Contest now open

Saturday, September 9th, 2017

We are pleased to announce our

2018 FLASH SUITE Contest

only on


Submissions now open

until October 25th.

Winners announced MLK Day (US) which is January 15th.


Be sure to surf through our other exciting and exclusive content:

Disability Narratives, but one part of Voices of the Disenfranchised.

Multi-media content, such as the Zoo Illogical Gardens



Guidelines for FLASH SUITE Contest

Previous Contests


!What’s New!


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Final Voting for 2017 !Short Story Contest!

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

The final days of fan voting for the

2017 !Short Story Contest!

are upon us.


So have your voice heard,

before it’s too late!


Winners will be announced,

Labor day Monday (US),

September 4th.


Vote Now

Read the stories


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Exciting News for 2017 !Short Story Contest!

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Welcome to defenestrationism reality.


Well, all votes are in from our Judging panel, and they completely disagree!  !Hoorah!


This is great and exciting news.  With such a split from the judges, Fan Voting becomes more important than ever.


So rally all your friends, supporters and internet junky acquaintances– because you, of course, dearest readers, never spend your working hours surfing the web– rally them all to vote for the

2017 !Short Story Contest!

only on .



Vote Here

Read the Stories

Contest Guidelines


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A lamppost named Mark: pt 3.2

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

read full Lamppost Poem, in order, here



“If time-space’s the Atlas, is death the last pain?

Will bright lights ever shine on Earth again?

O, bid me leap, from off the battlements of any tower.”

The lamppost, dreaming,

jumps through the window, experiencing


for very first time,

L-7 L-7






Placebo of poison, distilling liquor vile;

only a gun that fired a flag;

a tessellating rose;

no serial number, no code of bars.

He swan dove

in the unknown.

How much time, 

how much one-eyed time.




The Beginning:



NOTES to Lamppost Poem: 

Muhammad the Prophet, Sura 87;

Shakespeare, William, Sonnet 106;

The King James Bible, Gospel of Mark, 10:31;

Poe, Edger Allen, Annabelle Lee;

Elliot, T.S., the Wasteland;

Keats, John, Hyperion a fragment;

Shakespeare, William, Romeo and Juliet;

Bugs Bunny, Tex Avery, creator.



A defense of the Lamppost Poem

Meaning is no Modern or Post-modern sentiment.  That everything will make sense when thought about did not feature in these eras of literature.  One reading of the Wasteland, and the Cantos of Ezra Pound, they give promises of overarching, underlying meaning, that ultimately dissolve.  Since Derrida, even language itself, and all built with language, is meaningless.

However, if one believes theorists such as Lennard Davis or Jeffery Nealon, then we have moved past Post-modernism. I have argued the name for this new artistic era needs keep the Post and ditch the Modern: Post-humanism?— really not as depressing as first glance at the theory may suggest.  This new era need develop some new aesthetic values: brand new, not reactionary; not the flip-side of Post-modernism; not a reversion to pre-Enlightenment moralities.

Since the mid-nineteen-nineties, applied mathematics suggests there is some degree of knowability to the universe; I happen to believe we will grow asymptotically closer to a unified theory of everything— hey, I’m an optimist.  But whether or not we ever come any closer to understanding the universe, at this moment in history, we believe it may be possible.  What a break with the traditions of Modernism and Post-modernism: Meaning.  Hence, the Lamppost poem.

I view A lamppost named Mark as a sine curve.  I filled the second part II. with as many meanings as possible: from numbers that reference, to Disability Studies, to importance in who speaks what, to escaping death.  Both part III.s ask questions I consider elemental to existence.  As for the significance of the window, well, it always stands for something more and different, but at this historical moment, the window is Post-post-modernism and our new century.



Keep surfing through for the 2017 !Short Story Contest!


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A lamppost named Mark: pt. 2.2

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

read (almost) full Lamppost Poem, in order, here



Anna Signpost, famous clairvoyant, an Isle of Mann, none the less,

knew just the right place to wait for the right time.

When finally she spoke—with two good hands and a wicked pack of smokes

and no regard for rhythm, reason or rhyme:—


“We modern Gods redeem,

our holy sky, explosive sheen,

with poetry and narrative dreams.


“Eleven, thirty-two, both minus one;

Jai-alai bottle of visible ink.

I’ve heard the old song, how Finnegan wakes—

Rose et al. stone throw through.


“See how they fall?  See how they rise and fall?

opposing end to opposing end—endlessly sine curving:

Lamppost and window; populist and poet;

the odd then the even; the sledgehammer and the swan.”

“But cannot I form? Cannot I create?

another world, another verse

to overbear and crumble this to naught?”

“Throughout it all you must have forgot

that riddle, riddle, then kick-fade to black.”


“But where do we stand?

On what mountain plant our feet,

so to yell at the sky?”


“Socratic Mark, don’t dim, don’t dim,

emphatic barks of lyrical sin—

revel, revolve, revolution.


Berlin Walls, Jerusalem Gates,

depleted Plutonium concentrate—

revel, dissolve, revolution.


Window open to elsewheres unknown,

meditate on a balcony prayer throne—

revel, revolve, evolution.


“That mountain’s named Populism.”




Keep surfing through for the

2017 !Short Story Contest!

!winners announced soon!

more from the Art of Throwing People Out Windows


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