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We’re taking a turn for the fun and fluffy– a dark and weird type of fun and fluffy, of course– for this Winter’s contest on Defenestrationism.net .  With war rampant in Europe, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and on the horizon in eastern Asia, we decided to spend some time with trains and  masks and old photographs, with hand written letters, and lots and lots of animals– animals domesticated and those ferrell, strange or garden variety, very small or infinite in size, living, dead, or maybe imaginary.

Families abound.  Good advice–  dark and weird good advice, of course– abounds.  Masculinity is nudged sideways.  Normative romances are similarly nudged.  Prophecies are made and fulfilled.  Earth’s destruction, blow-up dolls, frigid baths of a sacred variety– and did I mention lots and lots of animals?– but where the heckazoid is my top hat (I could have sworn that was my top hat): oh, a contest of contests is what we here have.

Winners are now announced.

Publication Schedule:
Our finalists will publish daily across December,
often around 3pm Eastern Standard Time.
All active links are in burgundy.

Top Hat
by DJ Tyrer
December 3rd-5th

by e rathke
December 6th-8th

Half Life Connections
by Robert Kibble
December 9th-11th

Fragments of My Father
by Jen Ross Laguna
December 12th-14th

Good and Faithful Servant
by Chris Cottom
December 15th-19th

Nature Always Finds a Way Through
by Jennifer Weatherly
December 20th-25th

Three Tales of Rapture
by E.E. King
December 26th-28th

Final Stop
by Shannon Brady
December 29th-31st

January 1st-13th

Winners Announced:
MLK Day (US), January 15th

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Contest Guidelines

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