Did you REALLY think we want your money,
here at Defenestrationism.net?

Are you daft? dull? otherwise discorporated?

Monetary notes are an antiquated tool in an internet age.

Yes, we are post-Capitalism– but no, there will be no egalitarian populace, there will be no Socialist utopia, no blissful harmony or community of brotherhood.

There is only this: vote-up or vote-down.

There is only number of likes; number of views; number of comments; only re-posts, only reactions: vote-up, vote-down.

Unfair, yes; unequal?– no.

How many Hegelian motivators can YOU name to the meta-narrative of Humanity’s existence?

1.) Evolution: only the strong will survive, but, and equally, take care of one’s own. Darwinism.
2.) Unconscious Mind: fuck, kill, fight, flight; emote, in a zillion different directions– for there is no binary, nor triadic limit to emoting– are you daft, dull, otherwise discorporated?– there are limitless possibilities in the mammalian emotional spectrum of our temporal lobes; and also asking questions with our frontal cortex. Freudianism.
3.) Capitalism: exchange of goods– commerce, supply and demand, stock exchanges, real-estate speculation, microeconomics, macroeconomics (also known by its technical term, complete bullshit), bond diversification (waste of resources), ; as well as class warfare– the working class (communism), aristocracy (feudalism), bourgeoisie (white-picket-fence-ownin’, up-with-the-joneses-keepin’, two-car-garage-chicken-in-every-pot-2-1/2-children-and-a-golden-lassie-havin’ suburban loserdom), and the 1% (complete control). Marxism.

HOWEVER– No, there is another Sky-Walk-Hegelian-metanarrative-to-human-existence.

4.) Popularity: there is only vote-up, or vote-down. And I came up with that, myself.

For the internet will not be stopped, knows no regulation, and cannot be governed.

Vote-up, vote-down.

The internet will not be stopped, knows no regulation, and cannot be governed.

yours, sincerely and in solidarity
— eatstuf,
Wild-Wild-West Gunslinger,
moderator, co-editor,
former contest Judge (and once a Judge, always a Judge),
and general bigot-bashing-badass

–defenestrationsim reality, 2019

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