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the 2019 !Short Story Contest!

!Winners Now Announced!

We have stories very brief, and stories very long; stories with a thought, and stories with a laugh— often, both in one.

In the 2019 !Short Story Contest! on Defenestrationism.net , lives are saved and lives are destroyed— both by both heroes and hurricanes.

In one story, a divine work ends in a library;
but, the psychedelic outskirts of our minds, the auctioning block, the anonymity of an unmarked mental ward— these all are but the grim beginnings of where our 2019 Contest will take us.

But all grows; bellies grow (with sometimes unusual fruit); relationships grow; faith grows, though, sometimes, maybe, not as much as doubt; patience grows thin, as the patient grows thinner; though sanity, certainly, grows thinnest of all; and more-than-one author published here, before, grow as well.

Dads do what dads tend to do— as well as the opposite— while mothers in this year’s contest do all kinds of interesting things; and one loudmouth Granny gets what she deserves.

Youth is halted, while, separately, the coffin is canonized.

Without Further Delay, Our Finalists Are:

in order of first submission,

Riding the Train” by Terry Smith — publishing June 30th
Babybox” by Simone Martel — publishing July 7th
Seedlings” by W.T. Paterson — publishing July 14th
Rain” by Sue Mitchell — publishing July 21st
Life will be and so the world” by Nikky Jain — publishing July 28th
Lost” by Elaine Abery — publishing August 4th
Tommaso” by Nickolas Urpi — publishing August 11th
Ransom” by Don Noel — publishing August 18th

Fan Voting — August 19th- September 1st
Winners Announced — September 2nd

Meet the Finalists— including bios, and the Defenestrationism.net trademark Portraits of the Author’s Favorite Chair

Meet the Judges


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