What is the Art of Throwing People Out Windows?

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ed.s Paul-Newell Reaves, eatstuf, D. Glover, Tara Campbell and Chantelle Tibbs have been publishing, hosting and compiling works of

Defenestrationism– the art, or -ism, of throwing people out windows–

since 2006, at this address since 2008.  In 2012 we began daily posts of the following material, garnering much of our readership today.

This readership was furthered by eight years of annual contests, so check our

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We have a single-day record of exactly 2,160 hits, set September 5th, 2020,
and a monthly high of over 8,500 in January of 2020.
In 2021 we have averaged just shy of 3,000 visits a month–
while for October, November and December,
monthly numbers have averaged over 3,500.
For the entire year of 2021, Defenestrationism.net received 36,118 visits.
During the first three months of 2022, visits average to 139 daily.

The larger numbers have been occurring during our
special publications, and twice annual fiction contests,
especially during fan voting for the contests.


The Defenestration of a Lamppost Named Mark
choose your own adventure in begin with the stone by EA Kane
The Bridge That Would Not Burn by Christina Rauh Fishburne
Complex Fairy Tales
from the Art of Throwing People Out Windows
ATLAS: volume 2
ATLAS: volume 1
ATLAS: volume 3
selections from Circus Magnifique
a fraction of: fevered
the surprisingly good Ravens’ Cry
the War For Hell– original draft swallowed, will right that
the Zoo Illogical Gardens

more Seasonal Publication Highlights

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Voices of the Disenfranchised,

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