Announcing the Finalists for the 2020 !Short Story Contest!

We are ecstatic to announce the finalists for
the 2020 !Short Story Contest!

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Be forewarned–
this is not a subtle contest,
but a contest of sudden change.

What a contest we will march through the virtual streets.

Tara and I accepted very few stories of literal violence this year.  And what violence there is here, only is alluded to.

No, these defenestration-isms, they paint and interview; they take flight on regained wings— stronger, faster, though older and out of practice; these throwing-out-windows consist of neighbors with cuddly puppies and horrifying secrets; of power-reversal soup; and even of trees refusing to do as expected.  These?— the corporate machinations of highest optimism; upwardly mobile, queer sex-workers; and the complicity of burning alive.

But— oh!— ze blood, ze blood— wait until you see what these authors do to their blood.  From Modest Proposals to those who refuse to be eaten; and longings for one’s homeland;   from killing what is sacred, to making the abhorrent soft and fluffy.  What a contest it will indeed be.

We have some very strong women in this year’s contest— often in disguise, otherwise, in-the-face for change; we have some very powerful men— some become broken, some hospitalized or investigated, some wish only to feed; and, though we can only boast the potentiality of non-binary genders, we do have two stories with non-specified genders.

And everyone, everyone in this year’s fiction contest breathes.

Winners Now Announced
Meet the Finalists including bios, and a photo in the author’s favorite chair– a tradition.
One of our judges has dropped out.
View the updated How we Judge
And read our very specific Guidelines

Posting Schedule, in order of first submission:
(click on the burgundy links as they appear on the day of posting.)

Blonde Noir” by DC Diamondopolous
posting June 28th

Burning Monkfish” by Sage Kalmus
posting July 5th

Sore Must Be The Storm” by Malda Marlys
posting July 12th

Pig Meat” by A.L. Diaz
posting July 19th

Cookpot” by John D. Payne
posting July 26th

Upside Down” by Aditya Guatam
posting August 2nd

The Omelet Maker” by Ross West
posting August 9th

Okoloma” by Bryan Joe Okwesili
posting August 16th

FAN VOTING is now closed–
this voting works American Idol style, so !vote early and vote often!
Winners Announced Labor Day, U.S.,
which is September 7th

Keep surfing through, all you Lovers of Literature.

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