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We are honored to announce our

2017 FLASH SUITE Contest finalists


Daily publication of the contest begins Dec. 19th.

But first,

Meet the Finalists

Meet our Judges

What is a FLASH SUITE, you may ask?


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Bonafides and Circulation

The Defenestrationists Are…


AND NOW, the finalists are,

in order of first submission:

Disarticulated Life by William R. Soldan

posting Dec. 19th-25th

TWAS BRILLIG by Chad Ehler

posting Dec. 26th-29th

Sometimes We Are What We Seem, but Other Times We Are Something Else by Ingrid Jendrzejewski

posting Dec. 30th- Jan. 1st



!Fan Voting Begins January 2nd!

This voting works American Idol style, so vote early and vote often!

!Winners now announced!


We know the holidays are a wonderful time for poetry and literature,

so join us for very special messages on

Dec. 12th, the Prophet’s B-day

Dec. 24th, X-mas Eve

Dec. 25th, the first day of Hanukkah and X-mas Day

the first ten minutes of Jan. 1st, for a very special New Year’s midnight posting

and the night of Jan. 1st, the eight day of Hanukkah.



Thanks for surfing through, Lovers of Literature,

and remember us next time.

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