Summer Updates, 2019: Returning Judges Confirmed + High Traffic for May 26th-June 1st

or, welcome back,
to .

Our returning Judges have all confirmed for the 2019 !Short Story Contest!
Read their bios, here.

We are also very pleased to announce some
high-traffic figures heading into our
2019 !Short Story Contest!

This last week,
145 unique IPs
surfed through ,
hitting us some 588 times–
for an average of 84 visits each day.
That translates to:
either 145 people stopped by at least once–
each IP address might visit any number of times and be counted only
once, hence the uniqueness of said IP addresses– or,
fewer people moving between 145 different places (with unique IPs) did so.
And if, over the course of this week, let’s say that
half of them only visited once,
then the remainder hit over seven pages in one week– or,
the same page at least seven times– or
some combination of.

On May 31st, alone:
152 hits
from 67 unique IP addresses.

And on June 1st,
the root address, —
our publication scroll, also known as
!What’s New!— received 95 hits by itself,
while the page for
!Short Story Contest! Guidelines
was visited 92 times.
Although our Masthead and Bonafides/home pages
combined for only 11 hits, the individual address for
Importance in Editing— the post from yesterday,
with tips from us co-editors and one of our
contest Judges Glenn A. Bruce–
got more than twice that many. However, as many as 95 more
IPs were exposed to this most recent post in this one day, as the post is also
visible in totality on the !What’s New! scroll.
Such will be the case for each publication of the
Finalists in
the 2019 !Short Story Contest!– namely,
an individual publication address,
and entire visibility on the !What’s New! scroll–
found at plain, ol’ .

So, we’d like to thank you for continuing to support us,
Lovers of Literature.
Keep surfing through, as Finalists for
the 2019 !Short Story Contest!
publish weekly throughout
July and August.
And don’t miss your chance for
Fan Voting
— beginning August 19th at 12:01 AM
on .

Finalists will be announced
in three or four weeks.
Winners will be announced
Labor Day Monday– which is September 2nd.

Importance in Editing
Contest Guidelines
!What’s New!
Bonafides/ home

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