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The sixth annual FLASH SUITE Contest will be truly jaw-dropping.  We have works of resilience and survival; of murder and death; tricksters and witches; from hard-nosed realism to wonderous abstraction; and poetry does not fail.  And so much evil, so much delightful e-vile.


We are pleased to announce

the Finalists

for our sixth annual contest.



In order of first submission:


How to Forget About Evil” by M.T. Ingoldby

— Nov. 24th-26th

Tiger in a Suit” by Chantelle Tibbs

— Nov. 27th-29th

To Fly Through” by K. McGiffert

— Nov 30th- Dec. 2nd

Echoes” by Tracy Davidson

— Dec. 3rd-7th

Underwater” by Dina Toyoda

— Dec. 8th-11th

Case Notes of P.I. James” by John Steckley

— Dec. 12th- Jan. 1st

Canis Latrans” by Levi Andrew Noe

— Jan. 2nd-4th

Of Candles, Salt and Owls” by W.F. Lantry

— Jan. 5th-7th


OPENS at 12am

— Jan 8th-20th




Meet the Finalists

 and don’t forget to Meet the Judges



What is a Flash Suite, you may ask.


Examples form our site


Bonafides and Circulation

the Defenestrationists Are





Thanks for surfing through, Lovers of Literature,

and remember us next time.


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