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Our approach is through critical theories of otherness and otherizing.
Our goal is mutual empowerment.

Mr. Sherman is a Housing Locator employed by the Washington, D.C. government to help those experiencing homelessness find medium-term housing. In July, he spoke with Paul-Newell Reaves for
Defenestrationism.net Homelessness Narratives.
The following is all of public record.

Navigating a Housing Network: Mr. Sherman Intro
More Than the Look on a Person’s Face
Housing Locator: Department of Human ServicesDistrict of Columbia
People Helping People
One of the Disappointments
Requires a Plan, Requires Some Work

Bad Road Ahead: The Story of Willie and Sister Fran

By Don Robishaw

Before Don Robishaw stopped working to write, he ran educational programs for homeless shelters for thirteen years. That experience, combined with his ‘ten lost years’ after getting out of the military served as motivation for writing, ‘Bad Road Ahead.’

Many of the characters he developed have been homeless, served for periods of time in the military, or are based upon archetypes or stereotypes he’s met while on the road. He like to write poetry, satire, tragedies, and gritty fictional tales — of men and women from various backgrounds — that may have sprouted from a seed, from his past. Don’s also well-traveled, using various ways and means: Sailor, Peace Corps Volunteer, bartender, hitchhiker, world traveler, college professor, and circus roustabout.

His work has recently appeared in Drunk Monkeys, Literary Orphans, Crack-the-Spine, Open: Journal of Arts and Letters, Flash Fiction Magazine, O’ Dark Thirty, among other venues.

Author’s Page: www.facebook.com/donrobe1/

On the Outskirts of Civilization

By James

Written in Prison by, James. Former Incarcerated Vietnam-era Veteran, United States Navy, 1970-72.  Aviation Supply and Control Section. Honorable Discharge. At time of writing this letter, a Homeless Veteran, June 3, 2010

Diana Paliotto: Becoming Known (three fragments)

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