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Defenestrationism.net 2021
!Short Story Contest!

We will be taking full credit for the upliftment of humanity over the last months. Our Winter contest healed by cauterization with brimstone– healed as only Art can. Now, this Summer, we rejoice.

For it is an optimistic and lighthearted contest this Summer (by the standards of Defenestrationism reality)–  Art to lift our spirits; Art to squeegee the sweat of panic from our brow; Art to pillow our 3,800,000 aches.

We start with an exaction of the opposite of social distancing, then fly air stubbornly, insistently bubbly and safe. Your threats of Nuclear annihilation? Reign them, in after breakfast. Yes, count the ways– the mul​ti​tudi​nously differing ways we will defenestrate you. We will trudge the Alaskan roadway till it suddenly be smeared with bright color. We will resuscitate, though it slaughter millions. Even ghosts will be haunted. And even demons will offer choice.

Downright sprightly by the standards of Defenestrationism reality. It’ll be fun. Keep surfing through, all you Lovers of Literature.

Winners Now Announced

Fan Voting is now closed

The Finalists
Publishing Sunday Afternoons,
probably around 3 o’clock EST:

by Ale Malick
June 27th

Safe Air
by Mike Wilson
July 4th

Nukes for Breakfast
by Emily Martha Sorensen
July 11th

Variants on a Theme
by Liam Hogan
July 18th

by Eris Young
July 25th

Turning Back the Clocks
by J.B.Polk 
August 1st

Last Will and Testament of Reginald von Elbin
by Nicholas Poe
August 8th

Echo of Hollow Hooves
by Rachel Friedman
August 15th

Fan Voting: August 22nd-September 4th
Winners Now Announced

Meet the Finalists— including bios and our Defenestrationism tradition of a photo of each author’s favorite chair.
Don’t forget to Meet the Judges
And Check our very specific Guidelines

Enjoy the contest, Lovers of Literature, enjoy the contest as hard as you can.

Remember us next time.

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