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the Zoo Illogical Gardens.Sloth Bear

by Paul-Newell Reaves and D. Glover

read by Thomas Matthews and Paul-Newell Reaves

illustrations by D. Glover













Excellant0227poetrymanusa Michael Lee Johnson has seen the Easter Bunny and it is thirty feet tall.


Experience his enthusiastic rendition of Linda Cancer

and more readings





readings by Paul-Newell Reaves

Photo on 2013-09-07 at 19.22 #3







and of Halloween Nights Lyrics






And Her Name was Morphine

by Ricki Shiers, Jr.

as read by Steve Garland

Morphine Cover

















S.O.S. Songs of Sobriety

by C. Steven Blue













eatstuf Interviews:

eatstuf interviews Jenean McBrearty— on The Defenestration of Prague, Rutger Hauer movies, and an insider finalist’s view of the two inaugural contests.







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Welcome to
Defenestrationism reality.

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