A Passionate Defense of the Existence of Unicorns

The word unicorn has existed since middle Latin, existed in the Hebrew, and is used in the bible.

Isn’t a rhino sorta exactly the same as an ugly unicorn?  Well, I guess that’s a horse with two horns and doesn’t count.

I’m imagining a really pretty unicorn right now, in what way does that not exist?  It’s imaginary, you may say, it’s not real.  Oh, well I’m sorry that your reality and mine do not conform, but I’m not sorry that I have endured soul shattering hallucinations.  If I saw a unicorn, would that make it more exist?

Perhaps I would need to touch a unicorn in order for it to qualify as existing.  Hmm, my hallucinations rarely include tangible elements.

What if a unicorn touched my heart?  I would have to argue that if a unicorn touched your heart it most certainly exists.

In my opinion, anything with a word, really anything that can be imagined, definitely exists.  Unicorns totally exist in my reality.

Wanna go on a unicorn safari?

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