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Complex Fairy Tales

such as,

Brucie the Tiniest Shark


How can children be raised best adapted to the complexities of 21st century existence?

We believe that children who read, and are read-to, especially, will develop a life-long enthusiasm for reading.

However, the impressionability of young people cannot be exaggerated.

We have assembled  a selection of stories that do not oversimplify existence, or treat children (even infants) as children, but are written in language they will understand.

Kids are smart– unless convinced otherwise– and grasp much more than one might expect.



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Balance of Contents

Brucie the Tiniest Shark by D. Glover

Thomas and the Rising Sea by Paul-Newell Reaves

Pixy’s Hidden Treasure by R. El

Honest Facepaint by Paul-Newell Reaves

To Catch a Prince by Kaley Jemison

Joy by Freya Jackson

Brilliant Betty by D.A. Cairns

The Story of Graw by Katharyn Howd Machan

A Place of Refuge by D.A. Cairns

The Witch of Forestgreen by Bob Ritchie

The Adventures of Yarosah by Sohail Dahdal

The Girl who Couldn’t Tell a Lie by Edward Ahern

The Magical Cup and the Bushy Blue Beast by L.S. Sharrow

The Princess and the Dragon by Kati Dlugosz

The Troll Child by Edward Ahern

ONE-EYED GIRL and the limping man by Paul-Newell Reaves

The Witch and the Fool by Emily Swaim

The Bone Nest by Alex Bernstein

Angels and Blueberries by Tara Campbell

Song of Cities by Maggie Kast


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