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All Lovers of Literature are welcome, here,
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We are ecstatic to present our

2023 !Short Story Contest!

Winners now announced.

We Lovers of Literature must all seek fresh waters in which to entertain ourselves in the coming months, other than our corporate television streams.

For, as long as writers in Hollywood — and all of us in solidarity with our brothers, sisters and siblings, there — refuse to submit work in that industry,
corporate television streams will become increasingly less refreshed.

Fortunately for us Lovers of Literature,
this year’s is a most binge-worthy contest.

In these cinematic tales of blood and goop, powers and “enhancements”, spiders and wild things, tales of cigarettes of memory and cigarettes of mourning and of new acquaintance, in these tales of finding liberty from toxicity in cultural appropriation — mmhm, yes, it is always a thought provoking contest on Defenestrationism.net — of political killings and revenge, from the Constantinople of antiquity to a terrifying future of space invaders and impossible acronyms,

in these tales we stay sober — well, except from coffee and nicotine — in these tales we sicken and in these tales we massacre, in these tales we cannot suckle, in these tales we experiment and are experimented upon — to varying degrees of unwanted success, or, separately, unexpected income — in these tales we give performances to be remembered for lifetimes and lifetimes and in these tales we just die.

Although Chantelle and I, your co-editors at Defenestrationism.net , usually shy away from stories of literal defenestration in the contests, three — Three! — of these works feature magnificent plunges to death.

Oh, yes, binge-worthy, indeed.

Stories post weekly
across July and through August,
often around 3pm Eastern Standard Time

Sunday, June 25th
The Best Barista in a Time of Spiders who are Addicted to the Rush of Caffeine 
by Cate Covert

Sunday, July 2nd
Blood Curse
Muhammad Musa

Sunday, July 9th
Natural to Fly
by Nancy Cook

Sunday, July 16th
The last five cigarettes
by Mariana Busarova

Sunday, July 23rd
What Goes Around
by Adrianne Aron

Sunday, July 30th
by D’vorah Shaddai

Sunday, August 6th
The Genome is Greener on the Other Side
by Sarina Dorie

Sunday, August 13th
Where the Wild Things Were
by Garth Upshaw

Fan Voting has concluded.

Winners now announced.

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Thanks for surfing through,
Lovers of Literature.
and remember us next time.
We do this three times a year.

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