Traffic update, three-quarters-way through 2019 !Short Story Contest!

Dearest Lovers of Literature;

Thanks for surfing through, and then surfing through again,
the 2019 !Short Story Contest!
only on .

We have some exciting numbers to share, as we roll through the last quarter of our contest and into Fan Voting (beginning August 19th).

Since the announcement of the finalists on June 23rd,
in those 42 days, we have received:

-visits from 483 unique IPs
-resulting in 1,531 pageviews
-for an average of 36 views, everyday of each week.

-on June 29th we had 93 hits
-and on July 12th, alone, 52 unique IPs visited us

I, and new co-editor Tara Campbell
— and of course editors Emeritus,
D.Glover (rest his soul)–
cannot wait to see how many of you
Lovers of Literature
surf through to vote for your favorite stories,
August 19th through September 1st.

Meanwhile, Tara and I eagerly await all your submissions to the
2020 FLASH SUITE Contest
only on .

Go back to the 2019 !Short Story Contest!
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(yes, we like exclamation points–
as did T.S. Eliot and Dr. Seuss)

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