Meet the Finalists of the 2019 !Short Story Contest!

Terry Smith is a writer and artist living discreetly in The Great Atlantic North East . Terry has three books of poetry published Bathroom Graffiti …Angel Vomit…and Sid & Mary (Opal ) a journey into the wasteland. His fourth book Restaurant Days will be out later this year.

Simone Martel is the author of a novel, A Cat Came Back, a memoir, The Expectant Gardener, and a story collection, Exile’s Garden. She’s a 4thgeneration Berkeleyan. According to her family, Simone was teargassed on her way to nursery school in the late ‘60s, though she doesn’t remember that. After studying English at U.C. Berkeley, Simone operated an organic tomato farm near Stockton, California. She’s working on a new novel based on that experience.

W. T. Paterson is the author of the novels “Dark Satellites” and “WOTNA”.  A Pushcart Prize nominee and graduate of Second City Chicago, his work has appeared in over 50 publications worldwide include Fiction Magazine, The Gateway Review, and The Paragon Press. A number of stories have been anthologized by Lycan Valley, North 2 South Press, and Thuggish Itch. He spends most nights yelling for his cat to “Get down from there!”

Sue Mitchell is a disabled retired primary school teacher with a double degree in English Literature & Media Studies, and Education. She has always been fascinated by the written word; at two years of age she demanded reading glasses so she could read “like Daddy”. Together with her Yorkshire born husband, Sue now lives in Tropical Far North Queensland, where she is able to devote herself full time to developing her novel, writing short stories and poetry.

Nikki Jain: If you will ask her to describe herself, she will say that she writes stories. That’s the only thing she has ever known to do. Her stories can be structured or they can be flowing here and there but they are always beautiful. She is lost but maybe you can find her in her stories. She reads books and thinks about every other character as herself. She may or may not show but she loves her readers the most.

At school, Elaine Abery was in trouble for concentrating less on the teacher and more on the poem or short story she was writing at the time. Her love of writing became her career and you may recognize her style in federal legislative material. Keen to give back to her community, Elaine enjoys mentoring, taking people bike-riding, teaching English to new migrants, and whatever else her local community needs.

Nickolas Urpí is the author of the literary war fantasy novel The Legend of Borach and has been published in Tell-Tale PressPage and Spine,The Copperfield Review,HCE Review literary journal, Ripples in Space magazine, amongst others. A Hispanic author, his writings fuse his studies of ancient history, literature, and philosophy with his crafted prose to immerse the reader in the world of his fiction through vivid settings and characters. An alumnus of the University of Virginia, he resides in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Retired after four decades’ prizewinning print and broadcast journalism in Hartford CT, Don Noel received his MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University in 2013. He has published more than four dozen short stories, but still has three longer works to place.

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