And the Winners Are…

Thank you for joining us on
the 2019 !Short Story Contest!

Without further delay,

The Grand Prize Winner is
“Rain” by Sue Mitchell

and Runner-ups
“Tommaso” by Nickolas Urpí
“Life will be and so the world” by Nikky Jain.

view How the Judges Voted.

Your Fan Favorites were:

“Tommaso” by Nickolas Urpí
with 1451 votes,
with runner-ups
“Seedlings” by W.T. Patterson
with 591 votes
“Rain” by Sue Mitchell
with 561 votes.

So !Congradulations!
view How the Judges Voted.

What a marvelous contest this has been.

Fan Voting was as tight as it ever has been– especially for the first week. And then, although one clear favorite pulled well ahead, remained just as tight for the second two slots till the very end.

And our contest traffic has been outstanding,
with 1557 Fan Votes
(remember, each of these 15-hundred votes cast result in three votes each).

Since finalists were announced on June 23rd,
we’ve had 4,346 page views from 1,004 unique IPs.

There were 456 visits in one day, September 1st,
and 107 unique IPs surfed through on August 20th, alone.

409 unique IPs hit us 2,207 times during fan voting

So remember us next time, Lovers of Literature–
every Labor Day, (US), and every MLK Day, (US),
we announce winners for our twice annual fiction contests.

Fan voting is always, always open for two weeks before,
ending the Sunday of those Holiday weekends.

Be sure to check our outstanding Fall publications lineup,
as we post them every Sunday.

And, as poet Thomas Sayers Ellis once inscribed in my copy of his book RACE, INC.
“Whatever you do, don’t stop.”

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