ATLAS: vol. 1 Austin, TX–Not Just Nice, Texas Nice

The Continental Club is recommended for live music, and, there, Rose is dancing a short of sashay.  She passes by you on the way to the bar a couple’a times, and she always smiles real nice.

She talks to you after the show, about life and love, the last musical act, where she’s from, and she continues to smile.  It’s an intimate smile– warm and inviting–  a longing smile, a smile that asks.

“You wanna meet the singer?” she asks you, “he’s prolly out back.”

They’re on a first name basis, and you three talk about pleasant, unimportant things.

Until the old singer says, “you get to over the age of 30 and you find there’s something higher out there.  But I’ll give you a piece of advice, boy.  Don’t pay it any attention.  ‘Cause when you notice it– it notices you.”

You kiss a little bit, and she agrees to meet you the next day.  She doesn’t.  But you still have her smile.

Up Next Sunday: “Not Just Mean, Texas Mean”
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