Judging Update for 2023 !Short Story Contest!

Dearest Lovers of Literature;

Our long-term contest judge Suvi Mahonen has had to withdraw from judging this summer’s contest. Our judging process remains the same, with now three judge votes instead of four.

Judging Process:

Our contests are judged by a three Judge Panel, with two weeks of online Fan Voting counted as an additional Judge vote. 
In the event of Judge Votes and Fan Votes being equal, the fan-vote becomes a tie-breaker.
One Grand Prize vote counts as two Runner-Up votes.

Meet the Judges:

Glenn A. Bruce, MFA, was associate fiction editor for The Lindenwood Review. He has published nine novels and two collections of short stories. He wrote Kickboxer, episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger and Baywatch, and was a sketch-writer for Cinemax’s Assaulted Nuts. His stories, poems, and essays have been published internationally. He won About That’s “Down and Dirty” short story contest and was a two-time finalist in the Defenstrationism annual short story contest. He has judged film contests, art shows, and short story contests. He was the final judge for Brilliant Flash Fictionin 2015 (which has included one of his stories in their first print collection) and currently for Defenstrationism (2016-2021). Glenn left 12.5 wonderful years of teaching Screenwriting at Appalachian State University to concentrate on fiction.

Lady Moet Beast, the Beast From Southeast. What can’t be said about this interesting lady? Godmother of D.C. Rap, multi-genre lyricist, producer, poet, musician, writer, singer, actress, and the list goes on. Performing live since the age of 5, determined to be heard, adored and admired, Lady Moet Beast has performed all over the U.S. for the past 25 years. Not your average HipHop Femcee she has grown along with her husband obtaining her own band The Cruddy Crankerz, Beast & Monster Ink,  Drama City Records/Draztick Measurez., Cruddy Rite Publishing, Cruddy Rite Radio, Monster Graphix, and Lioness Filmz. Lady Moet Beast has set a lot of trends from green dreadlocks to hardcore femcees in Washington, D.C. and abroad. CruddyCrankerz.com

Aditya Gautam is a writer from India who believes very much in the power of fiction beyond entertaining—for instance, in throwing people out of windows. Among the many things he loves in this world are roasted peanuts, the sound of rain, thick books, toy trains, and weak sunlight. 
His short stories and poems have been published in Singapore, the USA, and the UK.  A speculative short story by him was included in the Best Asian Fiction Anthology, 2018 by Kitaab, Singapore. Most recently, he has been published in the June 2020 issue of The Bombay Review. 

Guidelines for the !Short Story Contest!
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2 Responses to “Judging Update for 2023 !Short Story Contest!”

  1. Victor Cruz Says:

    I came across your update on the Defenestrationism website titled “Judging Update for 2023 Short Story Contest,” and I wanted to express my appreciation for providing transparency and clarity regarding the judging process.

    As a writer and reader, I understand the importance of clear communication and updates in a writing contest. Your update regarding the judging process for the 2023 Short Story Contest is commendable, as it ensures participants are aware of the timeline and progress.

    I appreciate how you addressed the challenges and complexities that can arise during the judging process, such as the need for additional time and the careful deliberation required to evaluate each submission. It is evident that the integrity and fairness of the contest are paramount to you and the Defenestrationism team.

    Your commitment to providing updates and communicating with participants showcases your dedication to creating a positive experience for all involved. By being transparent about the process, you build trust and maintain the credibility of the contest.

    I applaud your efforts in ensuring that each submission receives the attention and consideration it deserves. Judging a writing contest is no easy task, and I appreciate the time and effort you and the judges are investing in evaluating the entries thoroughly.

    Thank you for keeping the participants informed and for your commitment to maintaining the quality and fairness of the contest. I look forward to learning the results and reading the winning entries when the judging process is complete.

  2. And the Winners of the 2023 !Short Story Contest! are… | Defenestrationism.net Says:

    […] How the Judges VotedEach grand prize vote is worth two runner-up votes.(click here for more on how we judge) […]

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