And the Winners of the 2023 !Short Story Contest! are…

Never one to waste a moment:

the Grand Prize winner is
“Blood” by D’vorah Shaddai

and the Runner-Ups were
“Blood Curse” by Muhammad Musa
“Where the Wild Things Were” by Garth Upshaw.

How the Judges Voted
Each grand prize vote is worth two runner-up votes.
(click here for more on how we judge)

Glenn A. Bruce:
Grand Prize: “Where the Wild Things Were”
Runner-Ups: “Best Barista in a Time of Spiders…”
& “The Genome is Greener on the Other Side”

Aditya Gautam:
Grand Prize: “Blood”
Runner-Ups: “Where the Wild Things Were”‘
& “Blood Curse”

Lady Moet Beast:
Grand Prize: “Blood Curse”
Runner-Ups: “What Goes Around”
& “Blood”

Fan Vote: (click here to view all the results)
Grand Prize: “Blood” (30.42%)
Runner-Ups: “Best Barista in a Time of Spiders…” (13.74%)
& “The last five cigarettes” (12.70%)

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is now open for submission.

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