Gonzo Days….part V [ the metamorphosis occurs ]

by Terry Smith

After three days in a Tijuana jail I just couldn’t wait to feel the salt spray of the ocean on my skin…leaving my cocooned friend on the bed in a motel in Big Sur I grabbed a bottle of tequila , two joints  & my hat … wearing only that & my panama pajama’s ( the sheen of sweat that is always on your skin in that part of the world ) I head out toward the open sea……I make myself a nice little pillow out of some wet sand…( someday to be someones window with the ghost of a view of my ass )…take a swig off the bottle & smoke a joint….then i hide the bottle & the other joint under the pillow ( or at least I think i did…I was pretty buzzed at this point) & dive head first into the water…..after a little body surfing I felt  somewhat better ’cause clearing the cobwebs of a mexican  jail takes a lot of nature.& booze….I go back to my bottle & light the other joint….then time for  a little nap….when I awaken I head back to the motel & when I walk in to my surprise  there is the most beautiful naked woman I have ever seen….some kind of porcelain goddess with eyes like lightning & a body like rolling thunder….I toss her the bottle & say “man room service has changed”…when to my surprise she says (with a voice made of pure honey like the kind straight out of the bees ass ) ..”no you asshole it’s me ! “…I looked for a moment around the room & noticed the cocoon was missing…” Roach!” i said…”Damn…I take shits in front of you !”…she looked at me for a moment & said ” Yeah…that’s gotta stop.” Then she took a hit off the bottle while walking towards me.like the wind….dropped to her knees & started licking the head of my penis..I am simply stupefied…this gorgeous woman was once a creature so fowl nobody but I could stand it….I always had to pay extra anyplace we went just to get it in….& we were friends because “the roach” as I called it never judged me…& trust me there was plenty to judge ……while i am playing all the crazy ass shit we have done together in my mind like some photo-graphical carnival ride she has brought my cock to full attention & has proceeded to swallow it whole …gulping like she hadn’t had anything to drink for days & that caused me to explode in her throat like a fire-hose had sprung a leak….not missing a beat she stood up & kissed me & whispered in my ear ” that is for being my friend, always.”….” & tomorrow i’m going to let you in the back way”…then she laid down on the bed & proceeded to fall asleep


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