Gonzo Days…part III [.leaving Las Vegas on our way to the city of Angels]

by Terry Smith

….It was time to leave Vegas….the golden goose was gone…man that bitch was crazy..& there wasn’t going to be anymore free rides for this pony boy & besides my luck had turned to shit at the crap tables anyway….so the roach & i saddled up & headed towards the desert…I don’t know if it was the psilocybin pizza or the 5th of tequila but the music & the desert melted into one giant beat.driving us onwards…..my friend long since passed out ,fedora over his eyes & me just getting ready to take another swig when the worm came out of the bottle….adjusted his glasses looked me straight into one of my eyes & said to me…”drive 17 miles…the second cactus on the left”…well at this point i knew there was nothing left to do so I swallowed him…chewy like an albino raisin…now with my gps firmly swimming throughout my body i had a destination…..when i arrived at the cactus my body was recreating the great San Francisco quake of 1906 & I vomited the most spectacular rainbow…a splatter of colors like some cartoon character had just gotten violently mutilated…specks of color everywhere…. then they all flew out to create the sunset…feeling a little better i laid down on the floor of this once mighty ocean & listened to it’s ancient waves as one by one the stars came out….they started speaking to me in morse code…braille of light touching my eyes like galaziel acupuncture & as i watched the stars started to line up…front to back to form words one behind the other revealing the secrets of everything…I took a crayon from my pocket….yes i always have a box with me …but i could not find ANYTHING to write on…except a ticket i got last week for going 129 in a 35….the cop asked me if i knew how fast i was going & i said no i was to busy rolling a cigarette & arguing on my cell phone with the ghost of christmas past ..but i knew if i topped it out I could get it to 140…..but that is a story for another time…i wrote it down on the ticket as best i could when i noticed that my friend & i were covered in agave worms …I guess they could smell a family member on my breath ….the little guy just wanted to go home….i broke free but the roach was covered in some kind of tequila cocoon …I grabbed him & threw him in the back seat …..& headed off to Los Angeles … 

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