by Tom Ball


I dreamt of beautiful faces, a world where everyone was super good-looking.

Faces were the currency of our time.  To copy the best faces, that was de riguer.  Copyright faces were difficult to protect and were easy to steal.  But I had hackers who would destroy any people who stole my faces. They would launch a cyber attack and blow up the illicit user and their computer.

But it was a fact that I had the best designers and the very latest faces.  Mostly for women.

Super human beauty, people figured.

I personally liked clever faces, that weren’t twisted.

Some people said I lacked grace, I lacked elan.

Sex for money.  Some faces you just wanted to fuck them again and again.

But some liked ugly ones…

And finally all in the dream were changed to be ugly.  People were repugnant to one another.  Fucked doggie style so you wouldn’t have to see their face.  Powers that be (the three oligarchs) were the only good looking ones.

I was trapped in an ugly face and body, and there was no space traffic here.  This planet didn’t matter.

Psycho-analysis: Ugliness is unfortunately a type of mindset.  As if we were beasts.  You are just an animal she said. You have no sense of grace and love.  Just ugliness and woe.

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