by Tom Ball


I dreamt I was searching the universe for my lost love.  Problem was, like many other people she kept changing her identity.  A few times I think I met her without realizing it until later; she moved in elite circles.  And I never found her…Until one day I was walking through the sewage system on Planet Pyrod and I met her. I knew it was her for some reason and she said fancy meeting you here. At least I thought it was her.  Perhaps she had many clones… And many faces…

But she had changed, now she was an evil temptress that had sex with men and released millions of micro bots to the men and undermined society after society.

Finally she was arraigned on charges, but she skipped bail.

I felt sorry for the human race to have such destructive people in it.

Meanwhile I was very sick after loving her.  The micro bots ravaged my system. But I had “good micro bots” treatment. So the micro bots warred inside my body.  Finally I was dead.

Again I woke up screaming.

Psycho-analysis: People like you allowed micro bots in the first place.  But you/they must have known it was very dangerous. But trying to find ex-loves often has curious results, but it is noble, however futile it would be.

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