Clouds:  Helpless Persuasion

by Ilhamul Azam 
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Helpless Persuasion

Sometimes I think about the helplessness of humans. I am afraid I perceive the perception of helplessness feeling for my father or is it me, who is helpless, unable to do anything for him.

Coming across helplessness is a social convention but the medium, which makes it happen, makes the feeling severe.

I still remember, the remembrance is vague but tremendously awful when I try to comprehend it. Mother came with someone and closed the door, having gone inside the room. I peeked through the rectangular gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. Even then my childish mind smelt some distortion, but he couldn’t make his restive mind go through this enormity and searched for something comprehensible.

Many times I tried to label it as a weird childhood imagination that didn’t exist in reality. I wish I could be a better persuader.  

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