2018 Fan Voting and Fall Schedule

Greetings lovers of literature;


Fan Voting is now open for the

2018 !Short Story Contest!

First Read the Stories–

“The Daughter the Mother” by Jessica Dalton

“Flee, My Pretty One” by Eneasz Brodski

“Squid Soup” by Salvatore Difalco

“Cloud Walker” by Martha Hubbard

“Watch” by Nathan Alling Long

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And, here, is our upcoming Fall Schedule:


Paul-Newell Reaves’

Letters to Maria Coryaté– a tale of obsessions

August 26th- November 14th, twice-weekly every Sunday and Wednesday.


2018 reading of October Nights’ Lyrics (this one dedicated to D. Glover, R.I.P.)

October 30th


Close of Submission for 2019 FLASH SUITE Contest

November 1st.


2019 FLASH SUITE Contest

All December, daily


Winners announced for 2019 FLASH SUITE Contest

MLK Day, US, January 21st



So keep surfing through




2018 !Short Story Contest! (including fan voting)

!What’s New!

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