Winners of the 2017 !Short Story Contest!

This is not a subtle contest.  This is a contest of sudden change.


We are proud to present the winners of this summer’s contest.

The judging panel was completely divided, with very little overlap.  The fan voting had three clear winners, but only tied-up the overall winner.  It ultimately came down to a tie-breaking vote by the owner, Paul-Newell Reaves.


Now, the winners–


Fan Voting:

with 19% of Fan Votes, Bearcat

with 20% of Fan Votes, Delocation

with 23% of Fan Votes, Blank Faces



Delocation by Andrew Livingston


Blank Faces by Jess Costello


And our Grand Prize Winner:

Bearcat by Lisa Clark


view How the Judges Voted

Read all the stories



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