When a Maenad…

by Allison Floyd

This is part two. Read the suite from the beginning.

When a Maenad Does the Housework            

She will lick each plate clean and then smash it on the floor. She’ll tear the dirty drapes to shreds with her bare hands and set them on fire in the backyard. When she notices dirt on the floor, she’ll smear it with her bare feet so everything blends. When there are no clean wineglasses, she’ll throw the dirty ones against the wall and shriek in delight as the shards rain down. When the wine opener is nowhere to be found, she’ll smash the neck of the bottle against the counter and imbibe in great greedy gulps, the liquid cascading down her face and neck in purple rivers. When the linens are soiled, she’ll wipe her ass with them and decide to sleep on the floor. It’s too hot for linens anyway. A maenad’s blood runs hot.

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