What to do With a Dream

Dreams are meaningless.  But that doesn’t mean they aren’t honest.

Trying to decode, or understand, or find meaning in a dream is like trying to understand birdsong, or a Picasso painting.  There is no meaning, only expression, expressions of beauty and wildness and pain.

A dream bears the fingerprints of your life.  They are inhabited by people you’ve met, they are set in places you recognize, they reveal your own anxieties and desires.  But they are irrational, they have no fixed relation to your inner psyche, they manifest no deeper, secret voice.

And therein lies their great worth, in their meaninglessness.

How did we evolve the ability to dream?  I do not think they evolved separately from our sense of self awareness.  Dreams are the side effect of consciousness.  As we sleep our astonishing sense of consciousness cannot cease to create in our minds.  And so we dream.



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