What I’m Gonna Do to You

I wanna tear into you.
I wanna throw those growth-disorder legs over my shoulders and rip you apart.
I want every micro-millimeter of your Puerto-Rican body on my mouth.
I want to eat you out for a quarter of an hour and feel your thighs quiver, spasm, luxuriously round
my neck.
Then, what I want, you on top me, then,
I want to press both your arms overhead.  Then, me.
I wanna to roll over, over you, so the sun-bleached, golden strips tail end your wavy, hip-length hair
stick to me.
I wanna kiss your throat and run three fingers down that sexy indentation of your spine.
I wanna see in your wide, brown eyes.
I wanna fall asleep and wake up next to you.
I wanna smell like you all morning.



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