On the Outskirts of Civilization

By James

Did I hear you say oh no not today

Do I have to be a philospher, anthropologist

and/or your deja vu OK


The magic mystic tour is coming to take

you away don’t forget it might be so someone

else say


Dream on singing for the women sing

for the tears sing on naysayers for you have

the not yets in AA


Let me tell you about the girl I love I got a

woman I thought she was all mine but she

foresaked me naysay


American woman get away from me damn not

good for you are you good for me why



I always pray God the Lord Jesus Christ

make me one with the universe the earth with

all people every day,


Are you looking for a ride in the terrestrial

and/or celestial carpet ride

I am a navy dude aviation what do you think

I know don’t know in stride


Let me share a dream or my past life or what you might say

I woke up in a big white stone was it my

funeral palor or I woke up in a big white

stone living quarters of ancient decide


I can’t forget what the holy scriptures say about

landings mesmerize symbolism if God gave

you the interpretations you alone on the

outskirts of civilization you surmise



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