the Powerful



Kicking feet, shaking head, bull
tosses puny cowboy from saddle.

Throttle pulled, steam diverts through
valve into chamber.  Steam pumps piston,
a further steam injection shoves piston
in opposite direction, driving wheel,
pulling other wheels, down along tracks.

Fuel oxidizes and, in milliseconds,
ignites, thrusting rocket skyward.

“I say, I say, Mr. President, I stand before you, here,
a simple man– a simple man with a simple plan
to renew diplomatic conversations with Iran.”

First, silence, for light’s swifter than sound.
The light, first white, turns yellow, then red.
Twin halos appear.  A mushroom cloud rises.
As those clouds outreach those halos, a monstrous thunder
pumps. The clouds turn black.

Every millisecond seventy-two times more powerful
as the Tsar Bomba nuclear device, our Sun
casts one thousand watts on every square meter
of Earth’s surface.  It gives light, it gives life,
it gives inspiration.  If anything physical in heaven
or on Earth is worth worshiping, this Titan is.


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