A lamppost named Mark

these are part seven and eight, read from the beginning

“If time-space’s the window, is death last pain?
Or will our bright lights shine on Earth again?
Just bid me leap from off the battlements of any tower.”  The
Lamppost, still dreaming,
jumps out the window,
experiencing weightlessness for the very first time:
L-7 L-7
Placebo of poison, distilling liquor vile;
only a gun that fires a flag;
a tessellating frown;
no serial number; no code of bars.
How much time,
how much one-eyed time.
Into the unknown
he swan dove.

The Beginning:                                             [2004-2012]

NOTES to the Lamppost Poem:
Muhammad the Prophet, Sura 87;
Shakespeare, William, Sonnet 106;
The King James Bible, Gospel of Mark, 10:31;
Poe, Edger Allen, Annabelle Lee;
Eliot, T.S. the Wasteland;
Keats, John, Hyperion a fragment;
Shakespeare, William, Romeo and Juliet;
Bugs Bunny, Tex Avery, creator.

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