The Case Notes of P.I. James: The Case Begins

by John Steckley

read it in the correct order


It was a slow day in a quiet month. They needed a case.  Bills wanted paying – soon.  Then a man walked in.  Fear shone in his eyes like a bright light in a tunnel.  In an unnecessarily loud voice he said, “I work for the railroad.”  He paused.  James and Ruthie waited.  Then he spoke quietly. “I’ve seen something – trafficking – humans.  Just children really.  Mostly girls.  I need your help.”

“Why don’t you go to the police?” Ruthie asked.  James stared at her.

“I’m afraid they’ll know it was me that snitched.  That would have deadly consequences.  I’m getting suspicious looks.  They may suspect that I’ve seen something.”




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