The Case Notes of P.I. James: Case Notes

by John Steckey

read it in the correct order


“My cover is complete.  I can now snoop.  I’ll hang around the Sports Drink Café. It is located beside the entrance to the squash courts, Max’s game of choice.  I just order coffee, nothing fancy.

My third day there I see him.  He steps out of the squash court door like he is walking on a red carpet.  He stands one hand in pocket to be admired by passing women.  The other holds a designer sports bag.  He’s expecting someone.  Not long to wait.  There she is, wearing stylish sporting wear properly accessorized with an appropriate carrier bag.  She goes straight to him.  Not wasting a step.  Saving her energy for later.

They meet like they’re just friends.   She pats him on the arm.  They share a few words.  They separate and take two different routes, but I see their common destination.  They’re not fooling me.    First he and then she separately go out the back door that leads to the woods.”



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