The Beast Around Here

by Richie Shiers Jr

as read by Steve Garland


The Beast Around Here

I chased the dragon

I chased that beast home and back and eventually beat it

I chased the cynical thing up the curvature and jut

of its cheekbones that I hopped off

to parachute back down to happy

the only traces are bread crumbs that I’m sweeping now,

and the marks that my cold shoulder left

I stomp my feet when the beast comes back

apologizing and all the usual sorrows it feels

I put my arms in a sling and it leaves again

once, not again though,

I scaled the dragon’s scales

and felt it’s glistening ivory teeth

it snarled, hissed, and embraced me

I couldn’t push it

or leave

it would stay posted with it’s eyes open

for weeks on weeks

it hunkered down into dirt after, however

and escaped safely

tiptoeing, and stomping once the chase began


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