Thanks for Surfing Through this Winter of 2020

We have reached the end of our Winter publication schedule, here at .

Make sure you join us this June for the 2020 !Short Story Contest! And do not hesitate to submit, as the reading period for that contest opens in April.

But, to last you and your defenestratory necessities for the next three months, here are some highlights, only from :

previous publications of particular potency:
A lamppost named Mark
The Zoo-Illogical Gardens

from our Musings:
The Art of Sustaining a Still Popular Website in an Age of Social Media
So, You Want to Understand T.S. Eliot’s the Wasteland?

favorites from the !Short Story Contest!:
An Excess of Light
Billy Luck

and from the FLASH SUITE Contest:
Tiger in a Suit
Birds of Italy

finally, we are pleased to announce that 2020 FLASH SUITE Contest winner
Bad Road Ahead: the Story of Willie and Sister Fran
by Don Robishaw
is now an indelible part not only of your conscientiousness, but also of
Voices of the Disenfranchised
— only on .
Re-read Bad Road Ahead and the rest of our
Homelessness Narratives

Who’s responsible for this madcap affair?–
Masthead: meet the editors

And what, pray tell, exactly, is the art of throwing people out windows?
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