Strong Traffic, with the Submission Deadline Looming

Greetings from Defenestrationism Reality;

With the deadline for submitting to the 2021 !Short Story Contest! only a weekend away– we will accept submissions until it is no longer Monday the 7th of June anywhere on Earth– we have experienced some exciting traffic numbers.

Since the opening of the submission period in May, we’ve had just over 4,000 visits from just over 2,000 Unique IPs. It seems many of you illustrious Lovers of Literature are sticking around to explore the site– about 2,500 of those hits were beyond the contest-guidelines-related pages.

This is relieving, after the low numbers for our inaugural Lengthy Poem Contest (don’t worry, Lengthy Poem Contest, you’ll always be special to us).

So keep surfing through, Lovers of Literature–
for another fantastic contest on

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