Strong Traffic Heading into 2020 !Short Story Contest!

Greetings from Defenestrationism reality.

With less than one week left to submit to our 2020 !Short Story Contest!, we have some substantial traffic numbers to brag about– including a new daily high in site-visits.

On Monday June 1st, we received 1,640 hits– 1,388 of which went to our !Short Story Contest! guidelines page.

In the past week, alone, we exceeded our average monthly rate for visits with 2,765 site-visits. Although we average between 500 and 2,500 site visits per month, months in which we hold our three annual contests generally garner far more. January of this year resulted in 8,622.

So keep surfing through, Lovers of Literature, as we publish the 2020 !Short Story Contest! across July and August.

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