“Well water, sea water, river water, rain;
lightning-struck wood, candle aflame;
bark, soil, vine, pollen, grain;

“Ram’s blood, horse’s hoof, hair from lion’s mane;
grass from where a Prophet’s lain;
an honest soul’s true name;

“Hymen membrane;
crumbs from dead men’s last meals, a starving hunter’s game;
fingernails, deaf man’s earlobe, teeth pulled in pain;

“Tiger’s tongue, eye from dog that’s lame;
musician’s throat, a poet’s pen, a mathematician’s lobotomized brain;
moonlight, midnight wind, stir with stolen dagger regained;

“Crush and sift; stir again and strain; double, triple; ripen, wane;
fill syringe; inject in vein.”



more fevered




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