Songs of Sobriety: 3:44

by C. Steven Blue



It’s three forty four
and the dealer’s knockin’ at my door.
Go away—please now,
and set my mind at ease.

I’ve felt that pain many times before.
I don’t want to feel it anymore,
so go away—please, dealer,
leave me alone.

Lord help me!
Don’t let me answer!
I’m so vulnerable
right now.

I want to shut out
the pain inside
and the dealer knows
just how.

Please, oh God,
make the knockin’ go away.
I like the way I feel life now;
it’s getting better day by day.

I feel so alone right now.
Stay by my side.
That old pain came back today.
I broke down and cried.

Tears welled up in me.
Resentments were felt.
But it’s still not as bad
as when the dealer dealt.

So help me walk through
this pain once more;
so I won’t have to wake up
with my face on the floor.

It’s three forty four
and the dealer’s knockin’ at my door.
Go away—please,
and set my mind at ease.

I don’t want to score!
I don’t want to be sore!
I don’t want you no more—for sure!
And it’s three forty four.



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