Ravens’ Cry: Playground Graveyard

“Ralphie,” his mother called.  “Suppertime, come on in.”

Ralph left his playground and went inside his mother’s house, on the lot back of the graveyard, to wash the dirt from his hands and knees.

“What on Earth were you doing out there to make yourself so dirty?” his mother cried.

“Just digging.”

“What?  Did you say digging?”

“I’m digging a hole to China.”

“Ralphie, I don’t want you digging back there no more.”

“Why, mommy?  It’s not hard, there are spots where the dirt is soft and brown.  It’s easy digging there.”

“I don’t want you playing out back, Ralph, not anymore at all.”

“But what about my new friends.  You always say I should make more friends.”

“New friends?” the alarm grew in the bottom of her stomach.

“I wanna see my new friends.  There’s Princess Longnails and Mr. Greyface and Dr. Wormeyes.”

“Oh Mercy, child.”



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