Ravens’ Cry: In the Dark

Click.  The light goes out and darkness floods your childhood room.

Staring up, blind, at the invisible ceiling, rolling over in the bed, trying to turn away from the blackness, unsuccessfully.  The now unknown room– but a moment ago so soothing and friendly– seems weird and eery to you; each shadow lurks large, every bizarre shape is a threat.  Pull the sheets over your head, praying, unsuccessfully, that the close darkness underneath will be easier than the vast darkness without.

You are lost, lost in the bleak black of the night; adrift, adrift in the sea of darkness surrounding you.  Everything you knew and loved is now in question: will the sun ever rise? are your parents still alive? did the girl down the street ever kiss you on the cheek?  Your teddy bear has no answers for you.  Orphaned and alone, you drift along with the darkness’ tide.

These dark thoughts stutter into dreams.  You are asleep.



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