Posting Schedule, Fall 2015 returns to weekly posts, beginning with:


Aug. 23rd: “Willow Tree and the Rain Falls”, by Michael Lee Johnson,

Aug. 3rd: “Sadly We Die”, by Michael Lee Johnson


Sept. 13th: “Incarceration”, by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois


Followed by twelve weeks of readings from

And Her Name Was Morphine, by Ricki Shiers Jr.

— as read by Steve Garland

Sept. 20th:  In Certain Sunlight (revised) (’13 edition.)
Sept. 27th:  Long Haired Writing for Short Term Memory
Oct. 4th:  For Virginia
Oct. 11th:  Lust and Lists and Lies
Oct. 18th:  Note on the Pavement
Oct. 25th:  Home Next to Home
Nov. 1st:  My Exit Song
Nov. 8th:  I Found her in a Winter Dress
Nov. 15th:  Reaching Out
Nov. 22nd:  10 a.m. and my Ribs Heart
Nov. 29th:  Art of Belittling
Dec. 6th:  Same Daze


Keep surfing through for the second half of

And Her Name Was Morphine

after the 2016 FLASH SUITE Contest






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