by Richie Shiers Jr.

as read by Steve Garland




1. someone once whispered to me

that two is better than one

so I looked into the idea of polygamy

and that hit hard, suddenly:

3 (or more) pillowed beds

3 (or more) weddings rings

3 (or more) times the happiness


2. I pray that my girlfriend’s girlfriend

and my girlfriend

and myself

can all enjoy each other’s company

and kiss and frolic

in the shape of a triangle

with nothing but smiles

and equal angles at each point


3. if we don’t pay attention

then we won’t have to acknowledge

the world’s blistering shuns

we don’t need anyone to

capsize our everlasting love

so we’ll hold hands on the beach

and you can avert your attention somewhere else

because I love these girls to the bitter death


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