Judges Confirmed for 2021 FLASH SUITE Contest

September 14th, 2020

Judging Process:

Our contests are judged by our four Judge Panel, with two weeks of online Fan Voting counted as an additional Judge vote. 

One Grand Prize vote counts as two Runner-Up votes.

In the event of a draw, the fan-vote becomes the tie-breaker.

Meet the Judges:

Glenn A. Bruce, MFA, was associate fiction editor for The Lindenwood Review. He has published nine novels and two collections of short stories. He wrote Kickboxer, episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger and Baywatch, and was a sketch-writer for Cinemax’s Assaulted Nuts. His stories, poems, and essays have been published internationally. He won About That’s “Down and Dirty” short story contest and was a two-time finalist in the Defenstrationism annual short story contest. He has judged film contests, art shows, and short story contests. He was the final judge for Brilliant Flash Fictionin 2015 (which has included one of his stories in their first print collection) and currently for Defenstrationism (2016-2019). Glenn left 12.5 wonderful years of teaching Screenwriting at Appalachian State University to concentrate on fiction.

Lady Moet Beast, the Beast From Southeast. What can’t be said about this interesting lady? Godmother of D.C. Rap, multi-genre lyricist, producer, poet, musician, writer, singer, actress, and the list goes on. Performing live since the age of 5, determined to be heard, adored and admired, Lady Moet Beast has performed all over the U.S. for the past 25 years. Not your average HipHop Femcee she has grown along with her husband obtaining her own band The Cruddy Crankerz, Beast & Monster Ink,  Drama City Records/Draztick Measurez., Cruddy Rite Publishing, Cruddy Rite Radio, Monster Graphix, and Lioness Filmz. Lady Moet Beast has set a lot of trends from green dreadlocks to hardcore femcees in Washington, D.C. and abroad.

Cedar Danger Block (they/them) is currently a grad student of English literature, usually focusing on trans theory, comic book studies, and medieval lit. They love finding creative ways to mix the three topics and are more excited than they should be about going back to academia.

Aditya Gautam is a writer from India who believes very much in the power of fiction beyond entertaining—for instance, in throwing people out of windows. Among the many things he loves in this world are roasted peanuts, the sound of rain, thick books, toy trains, and weak sunlight. 
His short stories and poems have been published in Singapore, the USA, and the UK.  A speculative short story by him was included in the Best Asian Fiction Anthology, 2018 by Kitaab, Singapore. Most recently, he has been published in the June 2020 issue of The Bombay Review. 
His debut novel, A Dream of Duplicity, will also be published sometime later this year.

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ATLAS: vol. 1 Austin, TX– Not Just Mean, Texas Mean

September 13th, 2020

The establishment looks quite closed, so you knock before twisting the handle, which does open the unmarked door.

“Why the hell’d you knock?” she asks, declaratively.

“I wasn’t sure you were open,” you shrug, calmly.

“Might try the door before you do that.”  She looks around the nearly empty establishment.  “There’s room at the bar.  What you want?”

You proceed to make friends over two Witherspoon– a Texas-style bourbon– neat, talking about her damn dog, the politicians she hates most, how her mamma shot a man in the hip, the ending of “Buch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

Up Next Sunday: “Texas Coffee Traders”
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ATLAS: vol. 1 Austin, TX–Not Just Nice, Texas Nice

September 9th, 2020

The Continental Club is recommended for live music, and, there, Rose is dancing a short of sashay.  She passes by you on the way to the bar a couple’a times, and she always smiles real nice.

She talks to you after the show, about life and love, the last musical act, where she’s from, and she continues to smile.  It’s an intimate smile– warm and inviting–  a longing smile, a smile that asks.

“You wanna meet the singer?” she asks you, “he’s prolly out back.”

They’re on a first name basis, and you three talk about pleasant, unimportant things.

Until the old singer says, “you get to over the age of 30 and you find there’s something higher out there.  But I’ll give you a piece of advice, boy.  Don’t pay it any attention.  ‘Cause when you notice it– it notices you.”

You kiss a little bit, and she agrees to meet you the next day.  She doesn’t.  But you still have her smile.

Up Next Sunday: “Not Just Mean, Texas Mean”
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Announcing the Winners of the 2020 !Short Story Contest!

September 7th, 2020

Never one to waste time,
the Grand-Prize Winner is:

“Upside Down” by Aditya Guatam

And the two Runners-Ups are:

“Okoloma” by Bryan Joe Okwesili


“Blonde Noir” by DC Diamondopolous

What a contest it has been.

With but a dozen hits shy of 13,000 visits since we announced the finalists on June 25th, that divides into 173 hits per day. On the last day of Fan Voting, alone, we had 2,160 visits

Fan Voting was more essential than ever to the results, since one of our judges dropped out. All three of our winners received the three Fan Votes– and all three of the prizes resulted in draws that had to be broken by the Fan Vote.

In just two weeks of voting, we received 5,243 Fan Votes.
You can see the Fan Voting breakdown by story, here.

How our Judges Voted:

Each Grand Prize vote counts as two Runner-up votes. Draws are decided by Fan Voting.

Glenn A. Bruce:
selected “Sore Must Be the Storm” for the Grand-Prize
as well as “The Omelet Maker” and “Upside Down” for Runner-ups.

Suvi Mahonen:
selected “Okoloma” for the Grand Prize
and “The Omelet Maker” and “Burning Monkfish” as Runner-ups.

Lady Moet Beast:
selected “Pig Meat” for the Grand Prize
as well as “Blonde Noir” and “Burning Monkfish” for Runner-ups.

And the Fan Vote:
chose “Upside Down” (with 2544 votes) for the Grand Prize
and “Okoloma” (with 1996 votes) and “Blonde Noir” (with 1948 votes) as Runner-Ups.

As you can see– this was a very close contest. There was a two-way tie for the Grand Prize, and a five way tie for the remaining Runner-up spot.

I told you to vote early and to vote often!

So keep surfing through, Lovers of Literature.

Our three annual contests conclude Labor Day (U.S.), MLK Day (U.S.) and May Day (May 3rd)– with at least two weeks of Fan Voting to precede.

Stick around for our Autumn publication lineup,
followed by the FLASH SUITE Contest
for which submission is now open!

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ATLAS: vol 1. Austin, TX–At Ranch 616, Texas-Style Icehouse

September 6th, 2020

Weird enough for this town.

Certainly no shortage of neon at Ranch 616.  Worth notice is an air-conditioning duct turned piss-mean snake sculpture, complete with flashing neon-red tongue.  There’s an arched tin canopy over the patio, and, adjacent, a 15-foot high, neon-yellow, six-shooter sculpture.  Inside, the neon relaxes, now a dull blue emanating from a three-foot-by-five-foot Modelo beer sign.

The rib-eye is smokey and deeply flavorful, but the mashed potatoes would be better without the cheese and bacon.

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Correction– One Further Day for Fan Voting in the 2020 !Short Story Contest!

September 3rd, 2020

Fan Voting is hot and heavy for the 2020 !Short Story Contest! Voting will end SATURDAY, September the 5th, at the stroke before midnight, Eastern Standard Time. As the last hours close in, here is an update:

With almost 3,000 votes cast, the top two stories have a dominant lead.

However, there are Three (3) prizes for the Defenestrationism.net !Short Story Contest!– one Grand Prize and two Runners-Up. This is why every voter must choose more than one selection as each vote is cast.

And the third story to receive the runner-up Fan Vote is wide open.

So here’s the exciting bit. The difference between the remain six stories is less than 100 votes; between the top three contenders for the final spot, the difference is barely fifty votes; and at time of this posting, the top two are separated by a mere of six Fan Votes.

Time for your final choices. They will count.

And keep surfing through Defenestrationism.net .
Vote Here

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ATLAS: vol. 1 Austin, TX– Grackle’s Throat

September 2nd, 2020

Glimmering specks of turquoise and navy blue gleam against its black feathered head.

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ATLAS: vol. 1 Austin, TX– 20 Bus

August 30th, 2020

The cheerful and helpful woman with a Texas-size beehive hairdo– dyed a purplely black– directs you to the 20 Bus in the direction of the city.  A single ride costs 1.25, while the full day pass is 2.50.

You’re the only passenger as it drives around the airport access roads and into the suburbs outside Austin, TX.  But soon board passengers of all persuasions, dressed from shabby to sporty, all in their winter garb. One cowboy boards, long blonde hair dreaded down to his thighs, yellowed Stetson, jack knife clasped to his tan, loosely-fit jeans.

Across one block, between South Lakeshore drive and Manlove street, the strip-malls disappear, becoming outdoor sporting goods outlets and juice joints– empty lots replaced by potted palms and other succulent plants.

You ride almost an hour to the center of the city, and at Cesar Chavez avenue and East 3rd, you push the stop signal strip.

More from ATLAS: vol. 1 Austin, TX
Check out ATLAS: VOL. 1 Detroit, MI
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Homelessness Narratives– Mr. Sherman: Housing Locator

August 26th, 2020

Mr. Sherman is a Housing Locator employed by the Washington, D.C. government to help those experiencing homelessness find medium-term housing. In July, he spoke with Paul-Newell Reaves for
Defenestrationism.net Homelessness Narratives.
The following is all of public record.

Navigating a Housing Network: Mr. Sherman Intro

More Than the Look on a Person’s Face

Housing Locator: Department of Human Services, District of Columbia

People Helping People

One of the Disappointments

Requires a Plan, Requires Some Work

More Homelessness Narratives,
but one part of Voices of the Disenfranchised
only from Defenestrationism.net

Fall 2020 Publication Schedule
MASTHEAD: Meet the Editors
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Fan Voting for 2020 !Short Story Contest! Now Open

August 23rd, 2020

First, read the Stories by clicking, here.
Now Vote, here.
One of our Judges has dropped-out–
review the updated How We Judge
Meet the Finalists, here.

Fan Voting will remain open until September 5th, the stroke before midnight.

As we post our Autumn Publication Lineup,
the link to Fan Voting will be readily accessible
from our Retro Navigation Panel,
somewhere around here


So vote early, vote often, and we’ll announce the winners on September 7th.

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