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Let me first explain something about my name: Paul-Newell is my first name, a double first name.  Reaves is my last name, a singular last name– like Superman actor Christopher Reeve, but different.  There was a feud.

In Northern Alabama, where my dad hails from, half the family were rum-runners, the other half Baptist priests.  So the one half changed their name from Reeves to Reaves.  Whether I’m on the side of the priests or the mobsters is open to myth-making.

But the point is, my name is Paul-Newell Reaves.  And you may call me Paul-Newell.

The Latest:

I have finalized conditions with
Sandi Carpenter– major, D.C.-based Interior Designer, co-owner of Theodore’s in Glover Park–
to ghostwrite her Autobiography.

We have completed our primary interviews and I’m finishing a first draft of a chapter we call The Politics of Furniture
(more exciting details to come, as project develops)

The Slag Review has picked up a poem of mine, “Coral Reef”. 
Publication forthcoming, in issue 13 (my lucky number).

Those published include,

“Coral Reef” Slag Review, forthcoming.

“Skulls and Dice” Dirty Chai Magazine, January 2015.

Enjoy a republication of “Skulls and Dice”:

One possession I honestly own in this post-humanist world?
my skull. 
And one honest action mine, as well:
to roll the dice.

“Black Hood”  misfitsmiscellaneous.wordpress.blogspot.com , 2011.

“Five Gin Gimlet’s” thegimletmagazine.com , 2010.

Published Critical Essays include,

“Psychodynamic Client Perspective” Routledge, 2019.

“Meanings in Madness: a mental disability studies reading of Ezra Pound’s

‘Pisan Cantos'” Refworks, 2016.

“Albums as Texts” bi-weekly column, chamberfour.com , 2013-2014.

Internet Radio:

“The Lyricists’ Watch Hour:” Cruddy Rite Radio, 2014- present.
Sundays and Mondays, 7pm Eastern Standard Time.
Twice weekly I examine the lyrics of full albums as literary texts. 
2017-18 season all concept albums.
2018-19 season featured Bob Dylan albums. 
2019-20 season will be Prince albums.

click for summery of Paul-Newell Reaves’ music .

BIO:  Paul-Newell Reaves is a poet and educator from Washington, D.C.  As owner, operator of a musicians roadie business, he has driven bands as far as Miami and Las Vegas.  Additionally, he works as an freelance editor and independent writing tutor.  He wishes you peace and contentment.

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