Letters to Maria Coryaté: Part III. [postmark: January 29th, 2015]


Hey, Maria;

Know what I like most about you?  Your sense of humor, duh.  Haha, so I taught one of the kids I work with that joke.  Just a simple explanation of how the normals try to make fun of people like him by saying, duh, and how he should make fun of them by saying, duh.  Pretty sure he got it, at least, he thought it was funny and now won’t stop repeating it.  I consider that incredibly empowering, but the rest of the staff officially hates me for it.  It’s documented.

I mean, the way the intellectuals write it, Disability and Mental Disability Theory is so complicated, but I explained that stuff to my 8-year-old prima— about how anything even slightly out-of-the-ordinary, a person in a wheelchair, or a person with asymmetrical limbs, this startles the normals to the extent that they stare  and gawk, then, far worse, look abruptly away— and she grasped it perfectly.  Guess I should be a teacher or something.





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