Judges Confirmed for 2016 FLASH SUITE Contest


defenestrationism.net adheres strictly to CLMP contest ethical models of visibility (not of sight/blindness, of see-through-ness).


Our contests are judged by a four person panel, with two weeks of online fan voting counted as an additional judge vote.  Finalists are selected by ed., publisher, owner Paul-Newell Reaves, and monitor, ed. eatstuf.  In the event of judge and fan votes being equal, Paul-Newell Reaves becomes tie-breaker.



Introducing our Judges:



2013 !Short Story Contest! Winner,

Christian McKay Heidicker

has made a handful of accomplishments outside of video games.  His first book, Cure for the Common Universe, will be released by Simon & Schuster in the summer of 2016.  He published a short story called ‘There Are No Marshmallows in Camelot’ on Cast of Wonders and co-created a website called foxingbureau.com.  He lives with the love of his life in Salt Lake City … and he often wonders how in the hell he did it.



Lady Moet Beast

the Beast From Southeast

What can’t be said about this interesting lady? Godmother of D.C. Rap, multi-genre lyricist, producer, poet, musician, writer, singer, actress, and the list goes on. Performing live since the age of 5, determined to be heard, adored and admired, Lady Moet Beast has performed all over the U.S. for the past 25 years. Not your average HipHop Femcee she has grown along with her husband obtaining her own band The Cruddy Crankerz, Beast & Monster Ink,  Drama City Records/Draztick Measurez., Cruddy Rite Publishing, Cruddy Rite Radio, Monster Graphix, and Lioness Filmz. Lady Moet Beast has set a lot of trends from green dreadlocks to hardcore femcees in Washington, D.C. and abroad.



A.B.W. graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English.  Among other jobs he has worked as a boat captain in Maine, a Military Policeman in Germany, a brokerage clerk in Philadelphia and New York, and restaurant owner and bartender in Washington, DC.



Martha Hubbard lives on an island in the North Baltic, off the coast of Estonia. A place of strange gods, mysteries, tragedies and wonder, it provides the perfect bed-rock for a writer of dark fantasy. Her stories have appeared in the Innsmouth Free Press’ anthologies, Historical Lovecraft. Candle in the Attic Window and Future Lovecraft and Lisette’s Tales of the Imaginary. She has also served on the jury for the annual ARESFFT (The Association for Recognition of Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation) award, as well as regularly reviewing books on her own Live Journal blog: http://saare-snowqueen.livejournal.com/







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